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We are a group of telecom professionals based in Fairfield, Connecticut and we have been in the telecommunications business for over 5 years. Our mission is to provide you with the best rates for your long distance back with a solid support in customer satisfaction. We plan to accomplish this by offering rock bottom rates along with unbeatable customer service. Many people have been offended by larger telecommunications companies' pushy telemarketers and rude customer service agents, not to mention rate increases and unauthorized carrier changes (slamming). We plan to cater to these individuals, looking for a reliable, inexpensive long distance service that they can count on. As you will see when looking through our plans you never have a monthly fee, you never have a monthly minimum and you always get 6 second billing for all domestic calls. We also offer both 1+ service and dial-around service. All billing and backbone service for Fastech is provided by Primus.

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